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November 10, 2009

LillyoftheSea Starr: Hi serena
[15:59] Serena Offcourse: Hi Lily
[15:59] CoolestBean Brunswick: btw we saw your house at reaction grid
[15:59] CoolestBean Brunswick: Hi lily
[15:59] CoolestBean Brunswick: New outfit
[16:00] Pi Numbers is Online
[16:00] LillyoftheSea Starr: Finally :)
[16:00] CoolestBean Brunswick: Nice
[16:00] CoolestBean Brunswick: lol
[16:00] LillyoftheSea Starr: Thanks
[16:00] Serena Offcourse: you look great lIly
[16:00] Serena Offcourse: nice outfit
[16:00] LillyoftheSea Starr: Oh thank you blushing
[16:00] Serena Offcourse: are you using RG with students?
[16:00] CoolestBean Brunswick: Lilly is very fashion oriented
[16:00] LillyoftheSea Starr: RG Cool is working with kids
[16:00] CoolestBean Brunswick: yes, we have started using it with them
[16:00] Serena Offcourse: LOL we can afford to be in SL
[16:01] LillyoftheSea Starr: I haven't gotten on yet
[16:01] Serena Offcourse: What do you think Cool?
[16:01] CoolestBean Brunswick: I love it
[16:01] LillyoftheSea Starr: BTW cool shirt cool!
[16:01] CoolestBean Brunswick: it is much more stable than open sim
[16:01] Serena Offcourse: yes and so easy to use
[16:01] Serena Offcourse: would you mind if I met you there
[16:01] CoolestBean Brunswick: ty
[16:01] Serena Offcourse: I'd love to see young people there
[16:02] CoolestBean Brunswick: Oh the other night we went to 1st quest
[16:02] LillyoftheSea Starr: WE finally have a pretty permanent meeting time of Tuesdays at 2:30
[16:02] LillyoftheSea Starr: So of course come join us
[16:02] CoolestBean Brunswick: @Lilly you might like 1st quest
[16:02] Serena Offcourse: What is 1st quest?
[16:02] CoolestBean Brunswick: that would be fun
[16:02] Serena Offcourse: is that story of Uncle D?
[16:02] CoolestBean Brunswick: the live show of Pooky Amsterdam
[16:03] Serena Offcourse: oh yes
[16:03] Serena Offcourse: LOL
[16:03] Serena Offcourse: lag city I call it
[16:03] CoolestBean Brunswick: very cool
[16:03] Serena Offcourse: I had a terrible crash from there
[16:03] CoolestBean Brunswick: eventhough the sim crashed 3 times
[16:03] Serena Offcourse: But the energy is great!
[16:03] CoolestBean Brunswick: same here
[16:03] LillyoftheSea Starr: Do either of you know REED Auebach? Wanting to voice chat with me?
[16:03] CoolestBean Brunswick: everyone was crashing that night
[16:03] Serena Offcourse: I don't
[16:03] Serena Offcourse: could be a mistake
[16:04] Serena Offcourse: or
[16:04] CoolestBean Brunswick: I do not
[16:04] Serena Offcourse: have you been to some shady places?
[16:04] Serena Offcourse: sly grin!
[16:04] CoolestBean Brunswick: lilly has a secret admirer
[16:04] Serena Offcourse: It is the new outfit
[16:04] LillyoftheSea Starr: Well I just declined!
[16:04] LillyoftheSea Starr: LOL!
[16:04] Serena Offcourse: Good idea Lily
[16:04] CoolestBean Brunswick: Luna likes her new ao
[16:05] Serena Offcourse: what did she get?
[16:05] CoolestBean Brunswick: We went for a whole avatar make over
[16:05] CoolestBean Brunswick: she got the one you recommended
[16:05] CoolestBean Brunswick: It all started with a dress I bought for her
[16:05] Serena Offcourse: ANd can you get rid of the sexy walk?
[16:05] Singularity Mandelbrot is Online
[16:06] LillyoftheSea Starr: Serena, you are the shopper extroinaire!
[16:06] Serena Offcourse: Here comes Tim!
[16:06] LillyoftheSea Starr: So great!
[16:06] CoolestBean Brunswick: next thing you know she got a new ao, new skin, and new hair
[16:06] LillyoftheSea Starr: that was extrodinaire
[16:06] Serena Offcourse: Well is is a bit easier here in SL
[16:06] Serena Offcourse: everything fits
[16:06] Serena Offcourse: and is cheap!
[16:06] CoolestBean Brunswick: right
[16:06] Serena Offcourse: and no crowds
[16:06] LillyoftheSea Starr: Well you always look so great!
[16:06] Serena Offcourse: Thanks Lily
[16:06] LillyoftheSea Starr: Yea! I like the no crowds!
[16:07] CoolestBean Brunswick: I agree
[16:07] Serena Offcourse: Lily can you tell me about Google Aps for Ed
[16:07] LillyoftheSea Starr: Sure
[16:07] CoolestBean Brunswick: It is fun to have adult conversation
[16:07] Serena Offcourse: could we use it for a newpaper
[16:07] LillyoftheSea Starr: What would you like to know?
[16:07] Serena Offcourse: that 5 schools are contributing to
[16:07] CoolestBean Brunswick: hi Tim
[16:07] Serena Offcourse: not from same district / domain
[16:07] LillyoftheSea Starr: I think you can
[16:07] Serena Offcourse: hey Tim!
[16:07] Singularity Mandelbrot: hey guys
[16:07] CoolestBean Brunswick: I really like your avi name
[16:07] Singularity Mandelbrot: sorry I am a bit late
[16:08] LillyoftheSea Starr: Would they all have their own domains or would you all be under one domain?
[16:08] CoolestBean Brunswick: np
[16:08] Serena Offcourse: The cake is in honor of Sesame Street
[16:08] LillyoftheSea Starr: HI Tim
[16:08] Serena Offcourse: thought Tim would appreciate
[16:08] Singularity Mandelbrot: Love the cake
[16:08] CoolestBean Brunswick: We were talking about nice outfits
[16:08] LillyoftheSea Starr: What a great Google Week for Sesame street
[16:08] CoolestBean Brunswick: hi reed
[16:08] Serena Offcourse: Hi Redd!
[16:08] Serena Offcourse: Reed
[16:08] LillyoftheSea Starr: Oh Hi Reed
[16:08] Serena Offcourse: Reed are you a maine educator? Welcome!
[16:09] Reed Auebauch: i am WCCC
[16:09] Sumner Wetherby is Online
[16:09] Serena Offcourse: not sure what WCCC is?
[16:09] Serena Offcourse: hi Sumner!
[16:09] CoolestBean Brunswick: hi Summer
[16:09] Reed Auebauch: I've invited my assistant in creating here
[16:09] Jennette Forager is Online
[16:09] Sumner Wetherby: Hi all
[16:09] Serena Offcourse: Good idea to move out of the teleport spot - or people land on top of you!
[16:09] Reed Auebauch: Hope you don't mind
[16:10] Singularity Mandelbrot: hey jejunne
[16:10] Serena Offcourse: Hello Jejunne
[16:10] Singularity Mandelbrot: i think you may be new to our group?
[16:10] CoolestBean Brunswick: Hi JeJunne
[16:10] Serena Offcourse: Sumner great to see you!
[16:11] Sumner Wetherby: Thanks.
[16:11] LillyoftheSea Starr: Reed abd JeJunne are you Maine educators?
[16:11] Reed Auebauch: will we be using voice?
[16:11] Reed Auebauch: reed WCCC
[16:11] Sumner Wetherby: Not sure how long I'll be here. After my wife gets home from Augusta we need to eat & go get some groceries
[16:11] Serena Offcourse: What is WCCC?
[16:11] Serena Offcourse: I am not familiar?
[16:11] Reed Auebauch: Washington County Community College
[16:11] CoolestBean Brunswick: Reed are you from Washington County Community College?
[16:12] Reed Auebauch: Calais
[16:12] Serena Offcourse: Gosh Sumner that is a long night
[16:12] LillyoftheSea Starr: Oh excellent! Welcome! I didn't know who you were so I declined your chat. My apologies
[16:12] Sumner Wetherby: Just got home from parent teacher conf
[16:12] Reed Auebauch: Bean...are you with snhu
[16:12] Singularity Mandelbrot: ahh it is that time isn't it
[16:12] CoolestBean Brunswick: Welcome to our group
[16:12] CoolestBean Brunswick: yes, we had ours last week
[16:13] Jennette Forager is Offline
[16:13] Serena Offcourse: Shall we have a seat and start with introductions?
[16:13] Singularity Mandelbrot: sounds good to me
[16:13] Serena Offcourse: grab a chair
[16:13] Serena Offcourse: more will rex
[16:13] CoolestBean Brunswick: sure
[16:13] Serena Offcourse: rez
[16:13] Singularity Mandelbrot: hmm. slow rezzing a new chair
[16:13] Serena Offcourse: yikes
[16:14] CoolestBean Brunswick: yep
[16:14] LillyoftheSea Starr: Whoops sorry!
[16:14] Serena Offcourse: LOL Time
[16:14] Singularity Mandelbrot: ahhhh. my biscuits are a burning
[16:14] CoolestBean Brunswick: lol
[16:14] Serena Offcourse: wow lag!
[16:14] CoolestBean Brunswick: do not sit on the cake Singularity
[16:14] Serena Offcourse: Ok so we will stand around and start intro!
[16:15] CoolestBean Brunswick: I can tell that we will have a fun meeting
[16:15] Serena Offcourse: how about sitting at the fire
[16:15] Singularity Mandelbrot: sounds good
[16:15] Serena Offcourse: it is very maine like
[16:15] CoolestBean Brunswick: good idea
[16:15] *Pose Ball- Meditate: Singularity Mandelbrot, say 'Hide' to hide me, or 'Show' to make me show. Or just right-click and sit on me to use me.
[16:15] LillyoftheSea Starr: Careful Singularity!
[16:16] Serena Offcourse: Please have a seat
[16:16] There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.
[16:16] *Pose Ball- Sitting Ground F01: Sumner Wetherby, say 'Hide' to hide me, or 'Show' to make me show. Or just right-click and sit on me to use me.
[16:16] There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.
[16:16] Serena Offcourse: Who wold like to go first
[16:16] Serena Offcourse: and introduce self
[16:16] CoolestBean Brunswick: I will
[16:16] Serena Offcourse: thanks cool
[16:17] CoolestBean Brunswick: I am Roberto Borda in RL Secondary Math teacher at Yarmouth High School
[16:17] Serena Offcourse: Thanks
[16:17] Bisto Bock is Online
[16:17] Serena Offcourse: Sumner?
[16:18] Sumner Wetherby: I am Ernie Easter in RL. I teach 7th & 8th grade in New Sweden, ME. Double graded classroom, all subjects
[16:18] Serena Offcourse: thanks Ernie
[16:18] Serena Offcourse: Reed?
[16:19] Reed Auebauch: hi I'm Dave Sousa from Washington County Community College
[16:19] Serena Offcourse: Welcome Dave
[16:19] Serena Offcourse: do you teach there
[16:19] Reed Auebauch: I broughty my friend and assistant Jejunne along
[16:19] Serena Offcourse: or a student?
[16:19] Serena Offcourse: Hey Bistro!
[16:19] Bisto Bock: hi all
[16:19] Sumner Wetherby: Hi Dave
[16:19] Bisto Bock: how is everyone?!
[16:19] Reed Auebauch: distance ed coordinator education instructor
[16:19] CoolestBean Brunswick: hi Bisto
[16:19] Serena Offcourse: Great to have you
[16:19] *Pose Ball- Sitting Ground F05: Reed Auebauch, say 'Hide' to hide me, or 'Show' to make me show. Or just right-click and sit on me to use me.
[16:19] Serena Offcourse: Jejunne would you like to introduce self/
[16:19] Singularity Mandelbrot: hey bisto
[16:20] Bisto Bock: great to be here
[16:20] Bisto Bock: hi singular!
[16:20] Serena Offcourse: Hmm not sure if Jejunne is typing
[16:20] Serena Offcourse: So I will go
[16:20] CoolestBean Brunswick: If anyone wants I have more of this chairs
[16:20] Serena Offcourse: I am Mary - teacher grade 3 Manchester
[16:20] Serena Offcourse: Bisto we are doing intros
[16:20] Serena Offcourse: you are next
[16:21] Bisto Bock: i'm bob sprankle from wells... tech integrator k-4
[16:21] Serena Offcourse: great thanks
[16:21] Serena Offcourse: Lilly?
[16:21] LillyoftheSea Starr: Alice Barr in RL Yarmouth HS TEch Integrator Work with with Cool
[16:21] Singularity Mandelbrot: I am Tim Hart in RL, Instructional Technologist at the University of Maine College of Ed
[16:21] Serena Offcourse: Great thanks everyone!
[16:21] Serena Offcourse: Reed this is very informal group
[16:21] Serena Offcourse: we just chat
[16:22] Serena Offcourse: share
[16:22] Serena Offcourse: etc
[16:22] Reed Auebauch: good
[16:22] Serena Offcourse: We were talking about Reaction Grid earlier
[16:22] Bisto Bock: :)
[16:22] Serena Offcourse: shall we continue with that conversation
[16:22] CoolestBean Brunswick: sure
[16:22] Singularity Mandelbrot: yes please
[16:22] Serena Offcourse: Coolest want to tell what you have been doing
[16:22] Serena Offcourse: please
[16:22] Bisto Bock: <thumbs up>
[16:23] CoolestBean Brunswick: We have been using reaction grid with a small group of students after school on Tuesday afternoons
[16:23] CoolestBean Brunswick: They love how much they can do on that sim
[16:24] Claudia Linden is Offline
[16:24] LillyoftheSea Starr: Best part is that they teach each other how to build and script. So fun to watch
[16:24] CoolestBean Brunswick: Today we had a great session, they were teaching each other scripting and land forming
[16:24] Bisto Bock: that's so great
[16:24] CoolestBean Brunswick: or terra forming
[16:24] Serena Offcourse: what have you been building?
[16:24] Singularity Mandelbrot: I love the bug blue pyramid
[16:24] Singularity Mandelbrot: big
[16:25] Serena Offcourse: I love that they have mega prims you can modify!
[16:25] CoolestBean Brunswick: We build a huge pyramid
[16:25] Serena Offcourse: I was able to take a buildign I made here
[16:25] Serena Offcourse: and transfer it to RG
[16:25] Serena Offcourse: that was great!
[16:25] CoolestBean Brunswick: and they terraform a huge mountain in the middle
[16:25] Bisto Bock: cool
[16:25] Serena Offcourse: Must be Katahdin
[16:25] LillyoftheSea Starr: VEry cool Serena. That's a plus!
[16:25] CoolestBean Brunswick: It look great serena
[16:26] Serena Offcourse: and all textures are free to upload
[16:26] Sumner Wetherby: I've got several of my 7th & 8th graders playing with sculpty paint
[16:26] Serena Offcourse: in fact I have a few textures there
[16:26] CoolestBean Brunswick: The students were comenting on your building
[16:26] Serena Offcourse: how is scupty paint going Sumner?
[16:26] CoolestBean Brunswick: That is awesome Summer
[16:26] Serena Offcourse: I am sure you could use it on RG!
[16:26] Techplex Engineer is Online
[16:26] Sumner Wetherby: I use the term play, nothing formal, just making things in 3 d
[16:26] CoolestBean Brunswick: It works great in RG
[16:27] Serena Offcourse: that is fantastic!
[16:27] Bisto Bock: <will be back... must take this phone call>
[16:27] Sumner Wetherby: I'm still working on the under 13 issue
[16:27] Serena Offcourse: @Reed - have you used SL or other Virtual world with students?
[16:27] LillyoftheSea Starr: Reed are you thinking of using SL as a distance learning opportunity?
[16:27] CoolestBean Brunswick: I am trying to transfer Scratch for sl into rg
[16:27] Reed Auebauch: i have , with college students
[16:27] Reed Auebauch: and am focusing now on professional development
[16:28] CoolestBean Brunswick: Cool
[16:28] Sumner Wetherby: Got to run. Leaving for RL food Bye all
[16:28] Sumner Wetherby is Offline
[16:28] Serena Offcourse: Bye Sumner
[16:28] LillyoftheSea Starr: What sorts of PD are you offering?
[16:28] Reed Auebauch: Lilly, yes definately
[16:28] CoolestBean Brunswick: @Reed you might like to see the Opinionator
[16:28] Reed Auebauch: it's so far superior to blackboard
[16:29] Serena Offcourse: Reed, your mic is one -just so you know
[16:29] Serena Offcourse: So you offere PD for staff here in SL?
[16:29] Reed Auebauch: sorry about the mic
[16:29] Serena Offcourse: np
[16:30] Serena Offcourse: it can just be embarrassing
[16:30] Reed Auebauch: i do...just beginning this fall
[16:30] Serena Offcourse: that is great!
[16:30] Serena Offcourse: if you prefer to tell us with voice
[16:30] Serena Offcourse: feel free
[16:30] Reed Auebauch: faculty are intrigued
[16:30] Reed Auebauch: I hope they make the leap
[16:30] CoolestBean Brunswick: Kudos to you for trying SL
[16:30] Serena Offcourse: Have they come inworld?
[16:31] Reed Auebauch: yes...some have
[16:31] Reed Auebauch: some are still lost in here somewhere
[16:31] Serena Offcourse: wonderful!
[16:31] CoolestBean Brunswick: The more the merrier
[16:31] Singularity Mandelbrot: that first entrance is a doozy for newbies
[16:31] LillyoftheSea Starr: Wow! That's great so how do you run the sessions or do you just meet like this?
[16:31] Serena Offcourse: Tim have you been bring people to SL - I saw the boxes by entrance
[16:31] CoolestBean Brunswick: SL is a great place for learning
[16:32] Reed Auebauch: you have to meet like this I think
[16:32] Singularity Mandelbrot: Yes. My two undergrad classes ust got done two weeks inworld
[16:32] Reed Auebauch: and tp them place to place at first
[16:32] CoolestBean Brunswick: nice
[16:32] Reed Auebauch: otherwise they lose it trying to walk
[16:32] Serena Offcourse: How did they go?
[16:32] LillyoftheSea Starr: Yes Bisto took me my first time Very helpful
[16:33] CoolestBean Brunswick: Tim, anytime you want additional people to help with your students let me know
[16:33] Singularity Mandelbrot: great.
[16:33] Singularity Mandelbrot: I was also thinking that we could schedule a time every week to encourage student on reaction grid
[16:33] LillyoftheSea Starr: Tim, is there ever a time your students could meeet ours?
[16:33] Singularity Mandelbrot: of course
[16:33] Serena Offcourse: great idea Lily
[16:33] CoolestBean Brunswick: yes, that would be fantastic
[16:33] Singularity Mandelbrot: i am sure a few of them would love the chance
[16:33] LillyoftheSea Starr: We are meeting at 2:30 on Tuesdays
[16:34] Singularity Mandelbrot: for how long?
[16:34] Serena Offcourse: that would be wonderful if they were ed students especially!
[16:34] LillyoftheSea Starr: an hour
[16:34] Singularity Mandelbrot: great
[16:34] LillyoftheSea Starr: They are in RG is that OK?
[16:34] Singularity Mandelbrot: I think I will make that an official time and keep working to get students from other schools on
[16:34] Singularity Mandelbrot: yes. RG is for students
[16:34] CoolestBean Brunswick: BTW they really like the idea of collaborating with others
[16:35] LillyoftheSea Starr: Cool! saw techplex come on, I am going to try to get hm too
[16:35] Singularity Mandelbrot: i expect us to bring the RG sim into focus and have students building something meaningful while having fun there
[16:35] CoolestBean Brunswick: That would be fun!
[16:35] Singularity Mandelbrot: exactly
[16:35] Serena Offcourse: Tim and I went to Story Quest presentation here in SL
[16:35] Singularity Mandelbrot: starting as an afterschool thing would be easy to do
[16:35] Serena Offcourse: it was amazing
[16:35] Singularity Mandelbrot: yes it was!
[16:36] Serena Offcourse: It would be great to have students do something like that
[16:36] Serena Offcourse: tell a story
[16:36] Serena Offcourse: tied to an important issue
[16:36] Serena Offcourse: and build set
[16:36] LillyoftheSea Starr: Yes that's a great way to get them going
[16:36] CoolestBean Brunswick: great idea
[16:36] Singularity Mandelbrot: oh. I am also starting to fill out as a wiki for Maine VW projects.
[16:36] Singularity Mandelbrot: you are all welcome to add and edit it
[16:36] Serena Offcourse: This was about a man who died of AIDS
[16:36] Serena Offcourse: but any story would work
[16:36] LillyoftheSea Starr: SO Reed, maybe we can tie some of your folks in too?
[16:37] Serena Offcourse: maybe environmental
[16:37] CoolestBean Brunswick: Yes
[16:37] Reed Auebauch: perhaps we can
[16:37] Serena Offcourse: Reed when you meet where do you meet?
[16:37] Serena Offcourse: Do you have land?
[16:37] Singularity Mandelbrot: brb logan needs to go to bed
[16:37] Reed Auebauch: meeting is all online
[16:37] CoolestBean Brunswick: It would be amazing to have a collaboration project with different age groups
[16:37] LillyoftheSea Starr: Yes it would
[16:37] Bisto Bock: sorry all. back
[16:38] CoolestBean Brunswick: they all can learn from each other
[16:38] Serena Offcourse: ★★ Welcome Back ★★
[16:38] Serena Offcourse: ::♥¸.•*¨¨*•.¸♥::♥¸.•*¨¨*•.¸♥::
[16:38] Serena Offcourse: Bob
[16:38] CoolestBean Brunswick: just imagine the power of such a think tank
[16:38] Serena Offcourse: It would be so much fun!
[16:38] Reed Auebauch: I have a small prcel at Montlair and a Library in Cybrary City
[16:38] LillyoftheSea Starr: Right, if we could pair them up in teams to do the story
[16:38] Serena Offcourse: Reaction Core told me that under age 13 can go on with adult
[16:38] LillyoftheSea Starr: So maybe 1 kids and 1 adult
[16:38] Serena Offcourse: have you heard that
[16:39] CoolestBean Brunswick: Wow! That would be great
[16:39] CoolestBean Brunswick: Similar to what we have at Yarmouth
[16:39] CoolestBean Brunswick: Clipper friends
[16:40] Serena Offcourse: waht do you mean Cool?
[16:40] CoolestBean Brunswick: But now they can have virtual buddy friends
[16:40] LillyoftheSea Starr: Reverse clipper friends :)
[16:40] Singularity Mandelbrot: RG is 13 and up without adults
[16:40] LillyoftheSea Starr: Kids will help adults, myguess
[16:40] Singularity Mandelbrot: below 13 with adult supervisor is what they say
[16:40] Serena Offcourse: thanks Tim
[16:40] CoolestBean Brunswick: High school students work with lower grade students as clipper friends
[16:41] Singularity Mandelbrot: that is such a cool idea
[16:41] Serena Offcourse: it is such a safe environment
[16:41] Singularity Mandelbrot: a chance to throw all the old models of "school" out the window
[16:41] Serena Offcourse: thanks Tim for setting it up for us
[16:41] Singularity Mandelbrot: collaborate across distance, age, and everything else
[16:41] LillyoftheSea Starr: Let's do it, would be great for all students!
[16:41] Singularity Mandelbrot: no worries.
[16:41] CoolestBean Brunswick: yes, Tim ty for sharing Rg with us
[16:42] Serena Offcourse: When you go on at 2:30 - how long do you stay?
[16:42] CoolestBean Brunswick: They can learn soo much from younger and older students
[16:42] LillyoftheSea Starr: Usually an hour but we could go till 4:00 just depends on my and cool's schedules
[16:42] Singularity Mandelbrot: it would be great if we could brainstorm a purpose of RG sim and have goals for students to work towards
[16:42] Serena Offcourse: Do you think any of your students go on by themselves/
[16:43] CoolestBean Brunswick: Yes, ussually we have to ask them to pack because they do not want to leave
[16:43] Singularity Mandelbrot: :)
[16:43] Serena Offcourse: I would like to see students be part of goal setting
[16:43] Serena Offcourse: brainstorming
[16:43] LillyoftheSea Starr: I don't think they go on by themselves. They really like working together
[16:44] Serena Offcourse: Actually I find it lonely there
[16:44] LillyoftheSea Starr: SO Tim you have 2 more weeks?
[16:44] LillyoftheSea Starr: for class?
[16:44] Serena Offcourse: so I understand
[16:44] CoolestBean Brunswick: It would be amazing if they take ownership of their own projects
[16:44] Singularity Mandelbrot: no, our group finished our time in SL last week
[16:44] LillyoftheSea Starr: DO you think we could pull off setting goals next week?
[16:44] Singularity Mandelbrot: some are still getting on though
[16:45] Singularity Mandelbrot: some would like the chance to meet there with student though. I am sure
[16:45] LillyoftheSea Starr: Will you have a new group?
[16:45] LillyoftheSea Starr: Oh Ok, so we could offer an informal drop by and meet the kids
[16:45] Singularity Mandelbrot: that is what I am thinking
[16:45] Serena Offcourse: and just start discussion
[16:45] Serena Offcourse: what do we want here
[16:45] Singularity Mandelbrot: I think if we leave the structure open on tuesdays it would allow for more school schedules and what not
[16:46] LillyoftheSea Starr: Let's see what happens and then it works, we can think abour=t semester
[16:46] LillyoftheSea Starr: About semester 2
[16:46] Singularity Mandelbrot: yes. I am planning a bigger role of SL for next semester
[16:46] CoolestBean Brunswick: Nice
[16:46] LillyoftheSea Starr: You could even use our kids as teachers
[16:46] LillyoftheSea Starr: if it was appropriate
[16:46] Serena Offcourse: you mean on RG Lily?
[16:47] Singularity Mandelbrot: that would be so awesome
[16:47] CoolestBean Brunswick: @Tim like I said earlier you can use me if you need me in sl
[16:47] LillyoftheSea Starr: Maybe we could push them to esign a lesson and teach it
[16:47] LillyoftheSea Starr: They want to
[16:47] Singularity Mandelbrot: what a great idea
[16:47] Serena Offcourse: I think it is great to design a space that teachs something
[16:47] Serena Offcourse: friendship
[16:47] Serena Offcourse: good sportsmanship
[16:47] Serena Offcourse: kid stuff
[16:48] Serena Offcourse: Hey Tech!
[16:48] LillyoftheSea Starr: HEy TEch
[16:48] Bisto Bock: hi tech
[16:48] Techplex Engineer: Hello Everyone
[16:48] CoolestBean Brunswick: At this time they are using it as a playground for learning and social network
[16:48] LillyoftheSea Starr: We are talking about meeting on Teusdays at 2:30 on reaction Grid
[16:48] CoolestBean Brunswick: Hi Tech
[16:48] CoolestBean Brunswick: Nice to see you
[16:48] Serena Offcourse: which is so valuable Cool!
[16:48] Techplex Engineer: Its been a while
[16:49] LillyoftheSea Starr: Indeed
[16:49] Serena Offcourse: But maybe adding a circle chat before starting
[16:49] Serena Offcourse: would add structure
[16:49] Serena Offcourse: and lead to focus
[16:49] LillyoftheSea Starr: YEs with some focus
[16:49] Serena Offcourse: it is a process
[16:49] CoolestBean Brunswick: I agree social networking and playfull learning is essential
[16:50] Serena Offcourse: but if everyweek we just talked about "where we are going"
[16:50] LillyoftheSea Starr: SO what if we do a bit of a trial in the next couple of Tuesdays
[16:50] Singularity Mandelbrot: a loose direction
[16:50] Serena Offcourse: I agree Tim loose
[16:50] Serena Offcourse: but just start talking about it
[16:51] Singularity Mandelbrot: too much structure would wreck the fun. but it would be nice to have some meaning to the fun and learning
[16:51] Serena Offcourse: I agree
[16:51] LillyoftheSea Starr: Yes they do need a purpose... a bit of one anyway
[16:51] Serena Offcourse: I liked the freedom you gave us as students on BBI
[16:51] Serena Offcourse: and to remember they are not taking a course
[16:51] CoolestBean Brunswick: How about if we pair with the students to create different projects through collaboration
[16:52] Serena Offcourse: but beginning
[16:52] Reed Auebauch: they need a goal..let them find the way
[16:52] LillyoftheSea Starr: Bisto, you still here?
[16:53] LillyoftheSea Starr: What do you think?
[16:53] Singularity Mandelbrot: we could go with the virtual maine thing and showcase our state
[16:53] Serena Offcourse: If we brianstorm and brainstorm I think the interests will emerge
[16:53] Singularity Mandelbrot: that would go a far way and allow a lot of different projects
[16:53] KJ Hax is Online
[16:53] Serena Offcourse: great idea Tim!
[16:53] CoolestBean Brunswick: I like that idea Tim
[16:54] Singularity Mandelbrot: plus I have had some people ask me in RG if that is what we were going to do.
[16:54] LillyoftheSea Starr: Yes Tim! What would be cool would be if we could create something that could be replicated for other schools...
[16:54] Bisto Bock: hey gang... i have to book... crazy at my house tonight. sorry... got sick kid, sick wife. see you all soon
[16:54] Singularity Mandelbrot: asking about historical grave yrads and stephen king :)
[16:54] Serena Offcourse: Bye Bob
[16:54] LillyoftheSea Starr: Tell everyone to get better!
[16:54] Serena Offcourse: Good luck
[16:54] Singularity Mandelbrot: see you bob
[16:54] CoolestBean Brunswick: bye bisto
[16:54] Bisto Bock: great to see you all :)
[16:54] Singularity Mandelbrot: i will email you about seedling on BBI
[16:54] CoolestBean Brunswick: Hope your wife feels better
[16:54] CoolestBean Brunswick: Tc
[16:54] Bisto Bock: cool, tim :)
[16:54] Bisto Bock: bye
[16:55] Bisto Bock is Offline
[16:55] Jennette Forager is Online
[16:55] Serena Offcourse: Let's start with brainstroming about virtual maine
[16:55] Serena Offcourse: see what comes up
[16:55] Serena Offcourse: I love Steven King idea
[16:56] Mandie Mimulus is Online
[16:56] Singularity Mandelbrot: the great thing about RG is that once a sim is "done" they can export it and we could start another project from scratch.
[16:56] CoolestBean Brunswick: we can turn the mountain in the middle into Katahdin
[16:56] Serena Offcourse: @Reed - have you been to RG?
[16:56] Reed Auebauch: i haven't
[16:56] Techplex Engineer is Offline
[16:56] Singularity Mandelbrot: then have the projects downloadable for people to run on their own systems
[16:56] Serena Offcourse: Hope you will join us
[16:56] Reed Auebauch: am going to...a LM please someone
[16:56] CoolestBean Brunswick: @Reed RG is worth looking into
[16:57] Serena Offcourse: it is not in SL
[16:57] Serena Offcourse: so no landmark
[16:57] Serena Offcourse: sorry
[16:57] CoolestBean Brunswick: let me get the url
[16:57] Reed Auebauch: ah...thank you
[16:57] CoolestBean Brunswick:
[16:57] Serena Offcourse: I think Tech crashed
[16:57] Serena Offcourse: meerkat is great program for getting on
[16:58] Singularity Mandelbrot: think of RG as another virtual world that is seperate from Second Lige
[16:58] CoolestBean Brunswick: I will also recommend downloading Meerkat for a browser
[16:58] LillyoftheSea Starr: And can I use the same log in or do I have to create a new avatar?
[16:58] Reed Auebauch: i see...I will check it out for sure
[16:58] Singularity Mandelbrot: You will need to create and account at
[16:58] Serena Offcourse: I created avatar with my RL name
[16:58] Techplex Engineer is Online
[16:58] Singularity Mandelbrot:
[16:58] CoolestBean Brunswick: Same here
[16:59] Serena Offcourse: ★★ Welcome Back ★★
[16:59] Serena Offcourse: ::♥¸.•*¨¨*•.¸♥::♥¸.•*¨¨*•.¸♥::
[16:59] Serena Offcourse: Tech!
[16:59] Techplex Engineer: crash and die
[16:59] Singularity Mandelbrot: I encourage you to put your Skype ID in. the RG folks have a badge that will let you activate a skype call from inworld
[16:59] Singularity Mandelbrot: which helps the fact RG doesn't have voice
[16:59] Serena Offcourse: amazing
[16:59] CoolestBean Brunswick: here is the URL for Meerkat
[16:59] CoolestBean Brunswick:
[17:00] Serena Offcourse: I am time keeper
[17:00] Serena Offcourse: and it is almost 8 pm
[17:00] CoolestBean Brunswick: Yes, it is time
[17:00] Serena Offcourse: Do we want to continue meeting in SL
[17:00] Techplex Engineer: Yes
[17:01] Serena Offcourse: great!
[17:01] Serena Offcourse: So how about Tuesday
[17:01] Serena Offcourse: Dec 8th
[17:01] CoolestBean Brunswick: Tuesday in RG?
[17:01] Singularity Mandelbrot: I think it is a good place to start
[17:01] LillyoftheSea Starr: Serena, I just copied the chat..
[17:01] Serena Offcourse: thanks Lily
[17:01] Singularity Mandelbrot: I will be there Tuesday
[17:01] Serena Offcourse: and meet this coming Tuesday on RG
[17:01] Serena Offcourse: 2:30
[17:02] CoolestBean Brunswick: that would be great
[17:02] Reed Auebauch: I will see you on the 8th I think
[17:02] Singularity Mandelbrot: great.
[17:02] CoolestBean Brunswick: our students would be trilled to see more people
[17:02] LillyoftheSea Starr: So Roberto, I may have Leadership Team... :(
[17:02] Serena Offcourse: Reed thanks for joining us
[17:02] LillyoftheSea Starr: Will you be able to be there
[17:02] Serena Offcourse: TEch hope you can come too
[17:03] CoolestBean Brunswick: Lilly, that would be fine
[17:03] Serena Offcourse: Reed, tell me about being Maine Guide
[17:03] Reed Auebauch: my pleasure...nice to meet progressive Maine educators
[17:03] CoolestBean Brunswick: I will be there
[17:03] LillyoftheSea Starr: Tech will put the chat on the wiki so you can get all the info
[17:03] Techplex Engineer: where is the wiki?
[17:03] Serena Offcourse: Haha will all my spelling errors
[17:03] LillyoftheSea Starr: Anyone going to ISTE?
[17:03] CoolestBean Brunswick: @Tech We would love to see you in RG on Tuesday afternoons
[17:03] Reed Auebauch: The Maine guides are just people affiliated with my campus here
[17:03] Singularity Mandelbrot: I am headed there now
[17:03] LillyoftheSea Starr: ME too
[17:03] LillyoftheSea Starr: Wiki address?
[17:04] CoolestBean Brunswick: I am afraid RL is needing attention
[17:04] Techplex Engineer: yes plz?
[17:04] Singularity Mandelbrot:
[17:04] Serena Offcourse: Bye Cool!
[17:04] CoolestBean Brunswick: bye everyone
[17:04] CoolestBean Brunswick: TC
[17:04] Techplex Engineer: o, that one
[17:04] Reed Auebauch: nice to meet you all
[17:04] CoolestBean Brunswick: great meeting
[17:04] Serena Offcourse: Thanks for coming
[17:04] Reed Auebauch: bye